5 High-Yield Shock-Proof Income Stocks

Everyone is searching for yield. Even the bond king, Bill Gross of PIMCO, is talking about high-yield stocks. Investors see a dividend yield, like the idea of that check coming in and buy the stock often forgetting they are buying ...
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10 Stocks to Generate Even MORE INCOME

  Many investors worried about generating enough income in the low-yield environment created by the Federal Reserve and a sluggish economy. But, you don’t have to settle for low yields next year and by low I mean anything below 8% or so ...
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Turn Dell Into an Income Stock

Investors have been crying for years for high tech outfits to declare higher dividends – or any dividends if they do not do so already, including the personal computer behemoth Dell Inc. (DELL). The company has been struggling as margins have ...
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Generate Income With ‘The Flip’

The market can be fickle. That is a kind way to describe how a bull market can turn vicious and hit your capital -- the capital you are using to generate income -- in the proverbial heartbeat. Protecting that capital is the ...
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Sell Puts on These 5 Stocks to Boost Your Income

The best way to generate income in an uncertain market where those supposedly safe high yield stocks could take a hit (and therefore your capital will take a hit) is to sell puts. You can sell option puts monthly, weekly ...
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5 Ways to Generate 15%-50% in Extra Income

When investors discuss income and yield, they define “high yield” as anything over 5%, and sometimes they push that number to 10%. That means they are not doing the right thing with their portfolio. High yield should start above 10%. I ...
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5 Yield Hogs for Income-Hungry Investors

Income investors are hungry for yield. In fact, you might even say that they are acting like hogs at the feeding trough, gobbling up high-yield securities in an effort to satiate their need for a decent return on their money. This ...
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6 Low-Risk Ways to Generate High Monthly Income

All of a sudden investing for income has become popular again. And there is a reason for that. More than $6.5 billion has evaporated from retirement accounts since 2007, coinciding with a growing trend of workers postponing their retirements or returning ...
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Pump Income from the Oil Patch Now

I just came back from London. Great time.  I saw Michael Phelps win the silver and gold that broke the all-time medals record and all-time gold medals record by an individual. I worked while I was there. I spent time and learned more ...
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Trade Volatility for Income, Lead for Gold

Alchemy is possible. You can turn lead into gold. You just have to know how to do it. Volatility -- and the fear and uncertainty that go along with volatility -- are a lead weight around investors and income seekers trading ...
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