If the recent roller-coaster ride in the stock markets has you feeling queasy and worried that your portfolio is heading in the wrong direction, then this private “no-selling” training session is for you…

This training could be mean the difference between generating gains for you in the next 90 days or waking up to discover your portfolio has lost 20-40% overnight.

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In this 45 minute training workshop, you’ll learn:

– The ONLY thing that matters right now when it comes to stocks in your portfolio.

– How to instantly know whether you hold the right stocks.

– How to make sure you make gains from your stocks (and protect against losses)

Plus, you’ll walk away with our complimentary 90-Day Action Plan, so you stay on top of the best stocks and avoid that “nightmare” scenario.

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A quick note: Unlike most webinars, this one is 100% training content. There is no selling, so you can keep your wallet in your pocket and take out your notebook instead.

Pay close attention when you attend, because I will also dispel the “technical analysis” myths that exist (and I’ll probably make a lot of people mad when I do this).

The training session is Thursday, February 25, 2016 at Noon Eastern. Running time is one hour and we’ll leave plenty of time to answer YOUR questions in our Ask The Experts Training Series.

Invest Smarter,
John Hutchinson
Publisher, Main Street Investor

P.S. We are fully aware that many investors are nervous right now. That’s why this training is so important. You’ll have a plan to help protect your money and still generate gains in your portfolio.

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