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Earnings_ReleaseThese stocks are likely to move in a big way after earnings are released this week.

The power of trading stocks releasing earnings is similar to cold fusion. Harness the energy released by companies reporting operating results for the quarter and your trading account can see huge gains.

Forget about the macro issues that move the market. Earnings force the market to focus on fundamentals. Case in point was my earnings trade of the week last week: SodaStream International. Shares of that company soared by 13% in the opening minutes of trading on a day when the rest of the market was collapsing.  (See last week’s Hot Earnings Trade of the Week:  SodaStream).

There is simply no better way to make big money and do it fast. Using my 5 keys to identifying winning earnings trades you can pick the winners from the losers netting you fat returns in your portfolio.

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This week there are plenty of companies reporting results. On the following pages are quick takes on 10 stocks that are likely to move in a big way after releasing earnings this week:

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