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A stream of new, innovative companies, are turning traditional sectors and businesses upside

Uber, the car service matching company is all the news good or bad, a private company with a $40 billion dollar valuation.

Lending Club, runs at lower costs than traditional banks allowing it to lend money at cheaper rates, went public on December 11, and the offering was oversubscribed.

AirBNB is now a preferred hospitality alternative for many travelers.

And Netflix is prompting many people to unplug and send back their cable box.

What do Uber, Lending Club, AirBNB and Netflix have in common?

They are, in the parlance of the day, disruptive innovators.

Or, as I like to call them, “disintermediators”… new digital or online companies that cut out middle men or middle companies.

The taxi dispatcher…the bank…the hotel chain and desk clerk…the movie theater or the cable company.

Disintermediation has been the key to success for companies for centuries. This latest wave is next generation based on the trust people now have in the Internet and the contact the Internet provides to hard to reach or otherwise unreachable people or businesses.

3 Disruptive Innovating Stocks

There are profitable “disintermediators” – companies that are wiping out middle tier companies every minute of every day.

I like three in particular, one very new, one a pioneer of the Internet, another company, hidden to many, at the core of the Internet.

Here are 3 disruptive companies you should consider owning now.

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