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Stocking_Stuffers-300x222This time of year, everyone seems to be scrambling for the perfect gift. What to get the husband or wife, what to get mom and dad, and what to get the kids—it’s often an overwhelming chore. So the last thing you probably want to do is try and figure out what top stocks to add to your portfolio. Well, to that I say bah, humbug!

Now is the perfect time to be buying stocks, as the market is in the throes of a year-end Santa Claus rally. Sure, Europe remains a potential Grinch, but if eurozone leaders can hammer out an agreement that puts a little Christmas cheer under the region’s ailing fiscal tree, we could be in for a whopper of a holiday season for the bulls.

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So, if you’re ready to give your portfolio a little merriment, then take a look at these three top stocks — all holiday stock stocking stuffers.

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