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Fire-signal-iStock_000002720938XSmall_0-300x265Earnings Players are gamers that aggressively trade stock options of companies reporting earnings results. They take a position owning calls or puts in the closing hour of trading before news is released. The trade win or loss is then closed during the next trading session.

Earnings Players get in and get out.

When all is said and done, gains can be extraordinary. Since its launch, the Earnings Player has delivered dozens of triple-digit wins and has scored big several times with 300% gainers or even more.

What makes it all work is the volatility that comes with the earnings report. Prior to news being released the market – the inefficient market — is left to its own devices to determine price. Actual results allow for a more pure form of pricing based on hard information.

As we know, the market often gets it wrong when it comes to pricing. That fact is what makes the Earnings Player work so well. The story does not end there.

After the Earnings Player comes and goes, there are trading opportunities that come in the wake of the earnings event. These Earnings Runner opportunities will often result in 5%-10% moves over a 30-day to 90-day period. In some cases the amount of time can be even less.

Corporations have become adept at utilizing every last scrap of the manufacturing process to eke out profits. Nothing goes to waste. The same is true with the earnings event.

We can make money during the event as we are with the Earnings Player. Now we are going to make money after the event with the Earnings Runner using stock or options depending on your preference and risk tolerance.

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Here are 7 hot post-momentum trades or Earnings Runners to consider today:

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