versus-300x186What is more impressive: American International Group (AIG) at $49 up from $6.60 low in March 2009 or LinkedIn (LNKD) at $233 up from $56 in November 2011?

Clearly, if we do the math, AIG is more impressive up 640% vs. LNKD +320%, but over the same time period from their lows in November 2011, AIG is up only 145% vs. LNKD’s +320%.

Along with Lehman, Bear Stearns and Countrywide, American International Group was at the core of the 2007-2009 financial crisis problem. From ashes the very fact that the company is valued at $71B is hard to imagine when one goes back to those dark days.

One might question the absurdity of comparing LNKD and AIG, but they both reported yesterday and this is Friday, anything is better than talking about the Nonfarm Payroll report.  A savvy investor once told us, “If you get a hold of a kite, don’t let go, let’s see how high it will go.”  LNKD and AIG are two great kites.

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