ChangeWave Survey finds huge demand for new Kindle Fire tablet.

An October ChangeWave survey of 2,600 U.S. consumers took an early look at demand for Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet, and the results show it could be one of the holiday season’s hottest gift items.

The Android-based tablet device – scheduled for mid-November release – will cost $199, less than half that of the iPad 2. To measure potential demand for the Amazon Kindle Fire, we asked consumer respondents how likely they would be to purchase one when it becomes available.

Amazon’s new “Kindle Fire” tablet device will become available on November 15th. The Kindle Fire will cost $199 and features a 7-inch touch screen, high resolution color display, Wi-Fi, Silk cloud-accelerated web browser, 8 hours of battery life, and a USB port in addition to eReader functionality.

How likely is it that you will buy a new Amazon “Kindle Fire” tablet for yourself or someone else when it becomes available?



A total of 4% say they’re Very Likely and 12% Somewhat Likely to buy a Kindle Fire when it becomes available. Another 1% say they’ve Already Pre-Ordered one.

Price is the key factor driving demand for the Amazon Kindle Fire, with nearly three-in-four (72%) likely buyers saying it is the main reason they’ve decided to buy the Kindle Fire, rather than a different tablet device.

Potential Impact on Other Products. The survey also asked respondents who said they were Very or Somewhat Likely to buy a Kindle Fire, whether there were any other products that they had previously planned on buying but have put on hold or canceled because of it.

Looking at the following list of products, are there any that you had previously planned on buying but have put on hold or canceled because you plan on purchasing the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet? (Check All That Apply)


Among likely Kindle Fire purchasers, one-in-four (26%) say they put on hold or canceled plans to buy an Apple iPad, and 9% say they put on hold or canceled plans to buy an Amazon Kindle eReader.

Amazon Also Outperforming Among Retailers

In other survey findings, we found Amazon continuing to outperform among online retailers. One-in-five respondents (20%) say they’d spend more money with the industry leader during October – a 5-pt jump from just three months ago and similar to the huge burst of momentum ChangeWave saw for Amazon during the 2010 holiday sales season.

Home Entertainment Retailers. Amazon is also surging in the home entertainment/ computer networking market, with 41% of respondents saying they’ll shop there over the next 90 days – a 3-pt uptick since September and its highest level ever in a ChangeWave survey.


ChangeWave will be taking a closer look at Amazon and the new Kindle Fire in our November consumer spending survey.


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