msft-300x300Friday’s total option volume of 15.0 million contracts resulted in net open interest growth of 2.11 million calls and 2.10 million puts.  Apple Inc (AAPL), Facebook Inc (FB), Talisman Energy Inc (TLM) and Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACAD) saw the greatest growth. Top five new positions opened include 27k Gold Fields Ltd (GFI) Apr-13 13 calls, 21k Talisman Energy Inc (TLM) Jul-13 14 calls, 20k Talisman Energy Inc (TLM) Jul-13 11 puts, 20k Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACAD) Jan-15 12 calls and 20k Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc (ACAD) Jan-15 7.5 calls.

On Friday, there was a huge call buyer on Gold Fields ltd. (GFI) with the stock at a 52 week low.  The investor bought 26,000 April 13 calls with the stock having recently gapped down from about $12 to $8.  The company will be speaking at two Bank of America investment conferences on March 11 and 14.

In Sealed Air (SEE), there was a buyer of 5,000 Jan 20 calls.  On Friday, the company announced it had appointed Jerome Peribere as the President and CEO.

In Microsoft (MSFT), there was strong bullish flow on Friday. The flow included a sweep of 7,546 March 29 calls for 8 cents per contract when the market was 7 to 8 cents.  An investor bought the calls to open, according to ISEE data.  March 28 calls were the most active.  More than 20K changed hands, including a sweep of 6,000 contracts for 27 cents when the market was 26 to 27 cents.  It was also an opening buyer, according to ISEE data.  Total volume in MSFT was 70,000 calls and 26,000 puts.  It is not clear what is motivating the bullish activity in calls that expire two weeks from today.  There’s nothing on the company’s event calendar until an Apr 18 earnings report.

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