Candlestick-Chart-iStock_000013267994XSmall-300x199Thursday’s total option volume of 18.1 million contracts resulted in net open interest growth of 2.80 million calls and 2.53 million puts.  Bank of America Corporation (BAC), Ford Motor Company (F), Williams Companies Inc (WMB) and Facebook Inc (FB) saw the greatest growth. Top five new positions opened include 50k Williams Companies Inc (WMB) Aug-13 40 calls, 50k Williams Companies Inc (WMB) Aug-13 45 calls, 22k Ford Motor Company (F) 1/11 weekly 14 calls, 17k Ford Motor Company (F) Jan-14 15 calls and 16k General Motors Company (GM) Mar-13 32 calls.

Hasbro (HAS) had bullish options order flow yesterday. 11,000 calls and 1,760 puts traded on the stock. The flow includes a multi-exchange sweep of 6,428 Feb 37.5 calls for 70 cents per contract when the market was 60 to 70 cents. Feb 40 calls saw opening activity as well.  Positioning in upside Feb calls on HAS comes even as Needham said yesterday they would not be surprised to see Hasbro’s earnings, due Feb 7, come in below expectations.

In Atlas Energy (ATLS), there was an opening buyer of Jan 35 calls.  The next earnings release is February 27, after the Jan expiration.  This morning, we have already seen 2.5x the normal flow in Boston Scientific (BSX) with 5,000 Aug 7 calls bought.

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