GOP_Debate_Pic-300x204Most investors want to see someone who can step up with “sensible ideas” to fix our economic problems.

The race to represent the Republican Party in the 2012 presidential election is heating up, and with the Iowa caucuses less than two months away, the GOP contest remains a wide-open proposition. Yet from the perspective of investors, one candidate is clearly the frontrunner.

Unfortunately, that candidate is “None of the Above.”

In a Traders Reserve poll, conducted in the 48 hours leading up to CNBC’s Debate “Your Money, Your Vote,” we asked readers which GOP candidate they currently support for the nomination. Here, the clear frontrunner was “None of the Above,” which captured 25.7% of the vote. Interestingly, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was second on the list, and first on the list of actual persons, with 18.4% of those surveyed lending him support.

In a dead heat for second place among the names on the list were Rep. Ron Paul, and businessman Herman Cain, each of whom nabbed 16.8% support from those surveyed. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney received just 12.3% support among our investor-centric readership. Rounding out the list was Gov. John Huntsman (5.3%), Gov. Rick Perry (3.4%), Rep. Michelle Bachmann (1.1%) and Sen. Rick Santorum (0.3%).

These results here are much different than the bevy of current opinion polls among likely GOP voters, and our survey indicates that investors are anything but enthusiastic about any single Republican candidate.


Traders Reserve 2012 GOP Presidential Investor Poll

When asked what the MOST important issue is facing the country in the upcoming election, it’s no surprise that the “economy” (55.9%) and a “balanced budget” (22.6%) captured more than three-quarters of the vote. Coming in third with a respectable 13% was the “Social Security and Medicare Preservation.” When asked which was a higher priority for the next president, “balancing the budget” or “creating jobs,” the vote was essentially split, with a slight edge going to creating jobs (54.3%) vs. balancing the budget (45.7%).

In a rather disturbing finding from the poll, more than half of respondents (51.7%) said they were “very worried” about their ability to get ahead financially in the next four years. The number that said they were “slightly worried” came in at 28.1%, which means that nearly eight in 10 respondents were worried about their personal financial situation for the coming years.

These poll results clearly show the high level of discontent with the GOP candidates. They also show that investors want to see something done about the economy, and the ballooning federal budget. Finally, it shows the incredible sense of unease among those of us trying to navigate volatile financial markets.

Unfortunately for investors, “None of the Above” doesn’t have a proposal to address our concerns.

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