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Five_the_number_iStock_000012131086XSmall1-300x300There is only one way to make money in this market today and that is to trade. More specifically, trading options of companies set to report earnings can generate gains irrespective of the daily shenanigans on Wall Street.

The market seems to be in a perpetual tug of war between bulls and bears. On one side of the coin are the bulls backed by the Federal Reserve and its QE Infinity program. On the other side of the debate are the bears worried about a global recession or worse.

While I can’t tell you the outcome of the debate or the direction of the market in the next few months, I am most certain there will be individual stocks that pop or drop when they report earnings. Even better is that with my Earnings Player system I can tell you what side of the trade to be on before the event.

It’s an approach that packs a powerful punch.

How would you like to double your money or more on an option trade with a holding period of less than 24 hours? That’s what I did on 3 of 7 Stone Cold Locks of the Week during the last quarter earnings season.

Imagine allocating as little as $500 to each Stone Cold Lock of the Week and you would have pocketed $2,000. That’s a huge reward considering there is so little capital at risk. In these trying times that extra money will come in handy for most.

Trends to play

The Earnings Player game is so fun and lucrative it’s actually been hard to sit on the sidelines.

While we wait for third-quarter earnings season to begin in mid-October, a few trends are developing that we will surely want to play. One theme mentioned last week is to trade five stocks heading for the industrial cliff.

The other trend to play is to focus on the consumer. One silver lining in the current economic storm is the consumer. Retail sales have been surprisingly strong thanks to consumer spending. Add in QE Infinity and there does not appear to be much downside to consumer stocks.


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Here are 5 consumer-based QE Infinity earnings trades to consider:

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