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SWA_MAX_8_view13_R_PR_11111-300x239It’s that time of year again, when I’ve begun researching the stocks that will make my list of Top Stocks – a list of stocks that regularly outperforms the market and by a large margin.

I like to call the stocks that make it on to this list, “Million Dollar Stocks.” That’s because owning these stocks can help you build your own million-dollar portfolio.

The blueprint for doing just that includes owning stocks that are primed for big gains. You can’t build a million-dollar portfolio owning index funds that track the market and their history of tepid returns.

Nope, if you want to build a million-dollar portfolio you need a set of rules and then the right stocks to own.

It is that combination that is provided to subscribers of The Millionaire Blueprint.

Introducing the Millionaire Blueprint Plan. As you read this a private circle of investors are using an innovative plan. This week we’re holding a special COMPLIMENTARY One Hour Training Event: Thursday, October 31st at Noon Eastern. Reserve Your Seat Now.

As for owning the right stocks, how about October’s recommendation of Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV)?

This stock has soared 18% since the beginning of the month, but that’s just the beginning.

Without getting too much into the details of what led me to Southwest (I use a proprietary stock ranking system – something I like to call the P/E Gap), what I see here is a stock that has the potential to double in value in a very short period of time.

It is that doubling in value that can have you getting to a million dollars a lot quicker than standing idly by in an index fund.

Here are three reasons why Southwest Airlines will continue flying high:

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