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I am particularly frustrated/aggravated/flummoxed/bewildered — in fact, to keep it topical, I would go so far as to say I feel beleaguered — by the phenomenon known as the “Amazon effect.”

You know, the beating any company takes any time there’s a whiff of a rumor that the great and mighty Amazon (AMZN) may perhaps someday sell something remotely related to that company’s products.

I saw it play out with grocery stocks in June. Costco (COST) and Kroger (KR) were “Bezosed” when Amazon told the world it was buying Whole Foods Market (WFM).

I saw it with Whirlpool (WHR) and Home Depot (HD) in July, when AMZN announced it would sell Kenmore appliances. This galls me because HD is much more than an appliance retailer.

But no matter. AMZN is lurking nearby. Everyone run and hide.

In May, Barron’s postulated that the recent drop in miles driven by Americans may be due to AMZN, as more shopping online equals less driving to the store or mall.

Look out, BP (BP), Jeff is coming.

There’s even a “death by Amazon” hashtag on Twitter. It’s getting a little ridiculous.

But Amazon struck again recently.

Recently, I awoke to find ULTA Beauty (ULTA) down 4% in the premarket.


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