Most investors would jump at the chance to stretch their capital, reduce their cost basis and increase their rates of return on their investments…

That’s all possible with LEAPS call spreads.

Michael Shulman, Expert Trader, Analyst and Educator

Michael Shulman, featured financial expert at Investor’s Blueprint Live

At the Investor’s Blueprint Live event in Delray Beach, Florida, expert trader, analyst and educator, Michael Shulman, shared a professional tactic with the audience in his special presentation, “Advanced Income Trading Tactics: The LEAP Call Trade.”

“LEAPS is just a fancy-schmancy name for a long-distance call or put,” Shulman stated.

In other words, LEAPS—a.k.a. Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities—are simply options with long-term expiration dates greater than one year.

While employing this method can stretch your capital, reduce cost basis and increase rates of return, it also carries some risk. As with all options, LEAPS expire, but have a longer time window.

But fear not, independent investors—there are ways to prepare for those risks…

How to Trade LEAPS Calls the Easy WayEnter Shulman’s “Free Money Trade,” which is buying a deep-in-the-money LEAP and selling shorter-term calls.

Over a period of 12 or more months, he explained, that move can give you a zero cost basis and a chance to be more aggressive. It also can significantly boost the rate of return compared to the underlying stock, potentially doubling the rate of return.

Although a LEAP call trade can offer big benefits, those considering using this tactic should ease into it, Shulman advised.

“Capital preservation is first, second and third,” he declared. “LEAPS do decline in value. They can have a deep decline… it’s the acid reflux form of trading, and it can be a little tough on the nervous system.”

Since LEAPS can be very illiquid and the spreads can be “wicked,” Shulman strongly suggests using limit orders.

Traders and investors should look before they LEAP by doing some dry trading. Shulman recommends using the CBOE’s virtual trading dummy site.

How to Trade LEAPS Calls the Easy Way“That way, you can gain enough practice and know-how to hone your skills and confidence before trying the tactic in the real market,” he said.

Shulman concluded his talk with an invitation to email him any questions at [email protected].

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