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Is the Oil Price Decline Financial Terrorism?Make no mistake: America is under attack.

For the past 16 months and counting, a silent war has been waged, but in this war, the battle is being fought with barrels and computers instead of guns and soldiers.

That war: oil.

At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking this is another conspiracy theory story—it isn’t. We’re raising a question that has not been asked: Not by the mass media, not by market participants, not by elected U.S. officials.

Our question: Is OPECs act of driving the price of oil down by 83% an act of financial terrorism?

Is the Oil Price Decline Financial Terrorism?You probably think that’s ridiculous, right?

Consider this long-held business belief of the Japanese: Business is War.

To win that war, you must be willing to do what the other guy won’t do. In this case, OPEC is willing to sell its oil dirt-cheap, while highly leveraged, debt-ridden U.S. oil producers—fast becoming a global threat to world oil production—can’t.

At the moment, U.S. consumers should be the winners, while U.S. oil producers are the losers.

The real loser, however, is you: the individual investor. Here’s why…

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