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Surprise Early Stock Winners of 2016Don’t be surprised in Q1, be ready…

Here are 10 names you need to know to hit the moneymaking ground running after the ball drops.

Nearly every day, traders and investors say to me, “I’m in it for the long haul. I have great discipline and stick to my goals.”

Then they take a breath and ask, “What can I trade in January to double my money?”

I have my thoughts…

First, if you want to double your money in January, place a bet on the Cleveland Browns winning the Super Bowl, Donald Trump becoming polite, or Vladimir Putin winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Second, if you have some discipline (and I know most people really do), look to companies and how they did in the fourth quarter. Potentially great stocks in Q1 will be driven by potentially great-performing companies from Q4 of this year.

Surprise Early Stock Winners of 2016Oh, and look for surprises.

Wall Street’s masses—the 80% of the kids who did not sit in the front or the back of the classroom—are lemmings who are no more capable of beating the market by finding surprises than my cockapoo, Sumo.

But you can find them in the real world––just look around. I have, and I continue to do so.

Here’s my list of potential surprise winners in Q1 of 2016…

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