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2 Hot Stocks for Dangerous Fire ConditionsIf you’re an investor who has money in this market, you need to avoid the burn zone.

It’s hot outside, and in Southern California fires are raging out of control. Many have to evacuate their homes and get to safe ground.

In some ways, these fire evacuations remind me of what could potentially take place in the equity markets. You see, Southern California has had years of drought, and that’s led to years of dangerous fire conditions just begging for a burn.

This year, that burn came. Unfortunately, most of the residents in the burn zone seemed ill prepared for the consequences.

If you’re an investor who has money in this market, then you also need to avoid a potential burn zone. With central banks providing all kinds of monetary kindling over the past seven years, any spark that ignites fears of an end to the forever-low-rates rally is going to burn down a whole lot of stocks… especially those without strong fundamentals on their side.

You need to rinding stocks with the combination of the strongest fundamental, technical and “NewsQ” metrics operating in their favor.

What looks good? Two hot stocks that will continue to deliver strong performance despite what could be very dangerous bearish fire conditions in financial markets.

Here’s a sneak peek at each of these two winners.

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