Despite the recent round of mixed messages by Fed officials with a last name other than Yellen, the market sure knows now whose Fed it is.

On Tuesday, the Fed Chair set things straight, reiterating her “dovish” stance on future interest rate hikes. Ms. Yellen made sure market watchers like me know that the Fed still “has our backs” when it comes to future increases in the cost of capital.

The result was a sigh of relief that resulted in another week of gains, another week of portfolio managers adding long exposure, and another week of fast-money traders bidding up equity prices.

In the upcoming issue of my Next Week’s Winners advisory service, I’m doing the same with two recommendations that can be thought of as tasty food stocks—one for you and one for your awesome pets.

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2 Tasty Food Stocks for You and Your Four-Legged Family

This beverage maker is known for making some of the most popular “adult” drinks sold today.

Wine, spirits and especially its beer products are being consumed with gusto around the world, and more importantly for the company’s bottom line, they’re being consumed at record levels.

And, the best part about this beverage company is Wall Street loves to drink up its shares, as they were up more than 10% in Q1.

2 Tasty Food Stocks for You and Your Four-Legged Family

Hemingway Woods

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This company’s food offerings probably won’t appeal to your taste buds, but that doesn’t matter, as they aren’t intended for human consumption.

They are, however, intended for the pets we love so much.

What I like best about this stock is that it’s the brand I give my own pets, and that is an area where I spare no expense. And I know I’m not the only one, as this company’s lighting up the scoreboard in terms of earnings growth.

So, if you love your pet, and you love portfolio gains, you’ll want to make sure you find out what stock this is by checking out my Next Week’s Winners advisory service today.

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