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3 Big Lessons from Alcoa EarningsWe interrupt this market crash with a very important message…

It’s earnings season; time for the real show to begin.

Here are some solid clues about what to expect this earnings season, courtesy of three big lessons learned from Alcoa’s earnings report.

Prior to earnings, the market is easily manipulated by speculation.

So many computer algorithms have pushed down stocks of all kinds with little resistance. Their armor comes in the form of headlines that would have any long scared senseless.

Nearly every Wall Street firm suggests paring back stock positions.

Oil prices are collapsing in support of a global deflationary narrative.

Amidst all of this, the Federal Reserve is tightening the screws on a house-of-cards economy that many suggest is not nearly as strong as the headline job-growth numbers suggest.

What will stop the bear in its tracks? Earnings, earnings, and more earnings.

Now, let’s look at those clues from Alcoa’s report…

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