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Java is not only the fuel that kick-starts our mornings, but some piping-hot coffee stocks can also fatten your portfolio quite nicely.Coffee-Cup-iStock_000006660710XSmall-306-300x199

We love our coffee. In fact, in the United States alone, there are 150 million daily coffee drinkers. Yearly, altogether, we consume 146 billion cups of this caffeinated beverage, ranging from instant varieties to gourmet blends.

That’s just a small drop in the coffee cup compared to worldwide sales.

Coffee is second only to petroleum as the world’s most-traded commodity.

Hot or cold, coffee is big business.

There’s more. Annually, U.S. coffee shops experience a 7% growth rate and are the fastest growing portion of all restaurant businesses. Independent coffee shops, alone, account for $12 billion in yearly sales.

With specialty coffee revenues increasing by 20% each year and representing nearly 8 percent of the $18 billion coffee market in the United States, investing in coffee stocks may be the high-impact portfolio pick-me-up you’ve been craving.

Although it may be tempting to invest in your favorite blend of brew, don’t jump too quickly without comparing the competition.

Here are three coffee companies that warrant your attention.

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