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  • 3 Lessons to Learn from BrexitBrexit, Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, is a now confirmed reality.
  • Other countries may be poised to leave the EU, and that can affect the markets both in the U.S. and around the globe.
  • Investors can be better positioned with three simple lessons.

The global markets have recovered from the stunning Brexit vote, and your investment dollars are safe… for now.

What can you do to shield your money, should the global economy take a turn for the worse?

In case you blinked, Britain’s exit from the EU is now history, at least from the standpoint of the final election results.

Now it’s time to let the dust settle.

Indeed, once the paperwork clears, scores are settled, feelings soothed and the financial details straightened out… Britain will be on its (economic) own.

All that could take up to five years.

While you wait, how about a little education?

There are some valuable lessons here that may take some of the sting, fear and guesswork out of the equation for when, and if, another country (or countries) make the same play.

Here are three points worth dwelling on…

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