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Get your transport on, it’s time to buy this way oversold group now!Transport Stocks

The market is on its way higher thanks to clarity on interest rate policy from the Federal Reserve.

The absence of clarity stocks are a mess thus certainty equates to bullishness.

But “where oh where” are the transport stocks?

The vital cog to the economy has been notably absent from rallies in the market.

That’s about to change as there is there is not way this most important group of stocks gets left behind in what could be a powerful second half rally.

If indeed the central bank is raising rates they will do so only if the data is supportive of monetary tightening.

That means economic strength.

At the moment the way transport stocks are priced the opposite is expected.

It really doesn’t make any sense and is irrational.

Something has to give and it’s not going to be the rest of the market coming back to the transport sector.

Instead it will be the transport sector playing catch-up.

It’s a wonderful time to get long transport stocks before that happens.

With many transport stocks in bear market territory, the amount of catch-up could be substantial for those that buy now.

Whoever says they are having trouble finding value in this market is missing an opportunity that it is literally staring them in the face.

Most investors and traders utilize transports each and every day.

It is how the gears of the economy work and with the economy in rebound mode from a moribund winter transports stocks are poised to rally.

Here are 3 undervalued transport stocks I would buy immediately:

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