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When this market carnage is complete, it could go down among the decade’s top 10 buying opportunities.

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When is the carnage complete, exactly? We’re not there yet, but we’ll know it when we see it.

We’re looking for total and utter capitulation—that moment when investors, traders and the financial press throw their hands in the air in complete disgust.

A bottom comes when the market is down and only a brave few suggest it’s time to buy. We’ll see a preponderance of negative headlines accompanying the selling. Some will call it the end of days.

What’s coming is a looming bear market at a time of economic growth. That doesn’t happen very often. When it does, it will confuse the entire market.

Valuations are such that you can craft a scenario of lower stock prices, even with an economy that’s trudging along.

The problem for stocks today is that trudging along is not going to cut it, hence the recent selling.

More selling is likely. Certain segments will be hit particularly hard. The other segments have already been hit, with some stocks losing as much as 50% of their value or more.

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