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3 Stocks to Trounce Passive StrategiesDon’t follow the sheep! You can—and should—beat the market on a regular basis.

In the last few years, during a “unique” market environment, stock-picking strategies have failed miserably.

Only a small percentage of investors successfully navigate Wall Street with returns that beat the major market indexes. And the sheep following passive strategies offered by index fund and ETF managers are being led to slaughter.

Stretched out valuations… Low-growth economic environment… The risk/reward dynamic for equity participation is flipped on its head. That leaves passive investors stuck in a difficult box.

Good news! There’s a way out, a path to outsized returns with acceptable equity risk.

You simply have to own the right stocks, desirable stocks. Your best shot at finding those shares is to follow the Price to Earnings Growth (PEG) ratio.

What’s PEG? Buying growth at the cheapest price possible, resulting in significant market outperformance—no matter the market environment.

It’s a simple yet powerful axiom that will trounce passive strategies in today’s market.

What PEG stocks should you buy today?

Here are 3 to help you beat the market…

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