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3 Stocks to Own for a Cyber “October Surprise”Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be sleeping very well these days.

Sure, she jumped up to a 6.3% lead in the polls over GOP rival Donald Trump, and that’s good.

But then there’s the troublesome Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, who recently released a host of presumably “hacked” emails from the Democratic National Committee showing officials there plotted to defeat chief rival Bernie Sanders during the primaries.

Clinton should be worried about what else was presumably hacked—and what it could do to her candidacy.

Veteran Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward of Watergate fame thinks Clinton has something to worry about on this front. In a recent interview with MSNBC, Mr. Woodward said the revelations in recently accessed State Department emails are “a ticking time bomb.”

Those emails were obtained via subpoena by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, so they weren’t actually hacked. Still, Clinton should be wary of what’s contained in the some 30,000-plus emails she failed to release to the FBI, and that may have been hacked by foreign agents or other malicious entities.

Even Mr. Woodward knows that:

“Everything is hacked. There is no security. And, so, it’s not just e-mails from the DNC or the private server that Hillary Clinton had. It is everywhere.”

The content in those emails has the potential to deliver an “October surprise” to the Clinton candidacy—a blow to chances of winning due to negative news deliberately designed to influence the outcome of the election.

You don’t have to be Hillary Clinton to take cyber security seriously.

3 Stocks to Own for a Cyber “October Surprise”In fact, in 21st century America, the threat of cyber-attack is something everyone needs to worry about.

Fortunately, there are many companies on the front lines of the cyber-security war. These companies provide countermeasures against those looking to steal your personal information, your identity, your bank account and disrupt the way you conduct your online life.

While you might not be worried about an October surprise of sorts in your life, you still need to be worried about protecting yourself from cyber-attacks.

Here are three companies that will do just that.

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