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The phrase “buy what’s working” might sound overly-simplistic, but time and time again, this elementary strategy lands telematics.jpg-resize-380x300consistently impressive gains.

Shares of 3-D printing company Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) crashed after the company warned that operating results would be weaker than expected. They also reduced guidance for 2015, resulting in the stock losing a third of its value.

When you are talking about billions in market cap, that’s a big haircut.

That action shows just how important it is to own the right stocks. Specifically, that means buying what is working—and by working, I’m talking about having an underlying business that is growing rapidly.

There aren’t many things that you can count on in this market (or for that matter, in this economy), but you can count on investors rewarding select companies that are performing.

Valuation matters little. What matters is execution. If you have products that are working, you’re more likely to deliver on the bottom line.

Investors demand delivery.

When a company that works delivers on the bottom line, wonderful things can happen—mainly stock appreciation that handily beats the market.

Here are 3 stocks that are working and will work for the foreseeable future. Rather than worry about what the broader market or economy are doing, pepper your portfolio with these winners instead.

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