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4 Sturdy Stocks for Millennials to BoomersWhether you’re a Boomer, Millennial or somewhere in between, you need robust investments.

Let’s get one thing straight: The world isn’t coming to an end, despite what some may lead you to believe. But it is changing, and from where most investors sit, it’s a bit rocky.

Britain’s Brexit is starting to look like yet another blip on the world financial stage. The Fed’s last meeting didn’t change any policy, but it might set the table for a possible rate hike in the fall.

Last, but likely not least, the seven-year bull run is starting to make even the most bullish investors a touch queasy.

There aren’t any definitive signs pointing to a crash or correction. But with the U.S. elections up in the air, any negative news is a potential catalyst for a drop in prices and a loss in values.

There’s good news, however. You can find many stock-investment opportunities to hold you through the shorter term and reward you further down the road.

For Baby Boomers now looking seriously at a shorter-term horizon, that means the safety of steady dividend-paying stocks. For the younger set, it might mean looking to stocks that have the potential to grow for another two to three decades.

Here are 4 stocks that can carry any and all generations.

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