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BUBBLE.-300x198Come on admit it, you secretly love to invest in bubble stocks. Who doesn’t?

It’s wrong for every reason, but that doesn’t stop you. There’s money to be made before the bubble bursts, right?

We recently saw the gold market bubble, what was previously impenetrable, pierced. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Perhaps it’s time to find the next bubble. I think I found just the place.

If you haven’t been paying attention lately, here’s where the latest rage is happening: the previously sleepy little market of dividend stocks.

Just look around to see the number of articles being written about these stocks. The number of products emanating from Wall Street touting the benefits of dividend stocks is on the rise as well.

Dividends and appreciation

It’s all dividend stocks, all the time. The bus is leaving the station. It’s time to jump on board if you have not already done so.

The environment is rich for further inflation of the dividend bubble that is brewing. Not only are these companies paying healthy dividends, the stocks are appreciating greatly. More and more buyers searching for yield are coming into the market each and every day.

There’s plenty of fuel to keep these stocks moving higher.

The best part is we aren’t hearing a whisper about dividend stocks being a bubble – in fact, this article might be the first to associate dividend stocks with the word “bubble.” That alone tells me there is much more meat on the bone for us to chew on.

Get your dividend stocks while the bubble is still inflating.

Here are 5 to dividend bubble stocks to buy now:

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