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Yield_High_Stock_2-230x300Income-oriented investors are a voracious lot, and what they’re constantly on the hunt for is a great big plate of high yield, dividend investments. But in order to get the supersized serving of nourishment necessary to satiate these high yield appetites, it’s not enough to just forage around the supermarket of ordinary stocks. To get yields fit for hungry income investors, you need to check out a variety of specialized dividend dishes.

I’m referring here to the more exotic high yield paying vehicles that often pay double-digit yields. Securities such as Master Limited Partnerships, or MLPs, Real Estate Investment Trusts, or REITs, Closed-end funds, energy trusts and shipping/tanker companies all are designed with yield seekers in mind.

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The following are five high yield investments—one from each security type—that can placate even the most rapacious income investor.

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