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5 Stocks to Sell Before Year's EndThe end of the year is a great time to prune your portfolio. Be sure to dump these must-sell stocks before the calendar turns…

2015 was a tough year, and 2016 is looking like more of the same. That means lots of volatility within a sideways-moving market.

Holding periods for stocks are dropping considerably. It’s not safe to own stocks for the long term.

Next year will be all about how to scalp returns when the market moves up and avoid losses when the market goes down.

Absent a crystal ball, being successful at such timing will be a monumental task.

Before the fun begins, the best advice is to start with a clean slate.

That means locking in winners when you have them and selling losers that might not have a chance in the coming year.

Keep it simple and don’t overthink things.

As always, let the PE Gap—the difference between a stock’s price to earnings ratio and its expected growth rate—dictate your actions.

Here are 5 stocks to sell before the end of the year…

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