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There is perhaps no greater sign of prosperity than the ability to afford food.Milk_yogurt_fruit

Core demand for foodstuffs around the world is growing faster than the population and faster than GDP growth.

While people in the developed world know they are too fat and trying to shrink, they are buying more expensive food to do so while most of the rest of the world wants to get fatter and is on the road to doing so.

People around the world – including what are colloquially known as emerging economies – are, at a minimum, spending their extra income on high quality food. This is especially true in China, more on that in a minute.

Wall Street is ignoring a fundamental change in demand worldwide due to record imports of corn by China that is not a one-time event. Once you eat better pork and chicken, you are not going back to soup even if it means delaying purchase of that moped because the factory is cutting back. Chinese imports of corn are at record highs and will go higher over the next 12 months. This is a new, predictable phenomenon not predicted by Wall Street.

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The bottom line for investors:

When a few million people want to buy more and better food, it is a nice little trade. When more than three billion want to do so, and are on a track to do so, it is time to, and I am now stealing a line from Jim Rogers, “trade that Mercedes for a tractor.”

Here are 5 stocks that will profit from the coming food boom!

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