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Sideways-Market-iStock_000017122997XSmall-300x225The volatile, sideways market continues to plague investors. One day it looks like the bulls are in full stampede mode, and the next it seems as though you’re staring down the gullet of a very ornery bear. And while the tremendous volatility we’ve had to cope with over the past several months has been truly trying, what we have to remember is that over the past year, stocks are essentially flat. In fact, over the past 52-weeks, the S&P 500 Index is down just 0.41%!

As traders, there are many rules you can follow to help you survive a sideways market. One additional rule to follow is to buy stocks that you think will prevail in both good times and bad. In other words, stocks that will hold up for the long haul, which means several years down the road.

Now, finding these types of stocks is no easy task. It requires a lot of speculation, and there are always a plethora of variables that can influence a stock, a sector, and the economy at large. But what we can say is that past is often prologue. That means we can start our search with companies that have proven track records of delivering big profits through various sideways market conditions.

Are You Concerned About Your Portfolio?

You’ve likely watched this sideways stock market, and probably your portfolio, move in the wrong direction again over the last few months.

There’s a reason — but more importantly, there’s something you can do about it.

The stock market is ‘trapped’ in what’s known as a sideways cycle — and if history is any guide, it will likely remain trapped for several years.

That means your portfolio is at risk of suffering continued ups and downs — and that makes it awfully hard to generate the returns YOU need for sustainable long-term financial growth.

What You Can Do About It

It’s time to change your approach — with just PART of your existing portfolio. If you have the patience and the desire to achieve long term financial stability, then the following strategy is about to help you.

As you read this, a private circle of investors are already using an innovative strategy — code named the Millionaire Blueprint — to achieve consistent, realistic returns from the stock market and to safely build a million dollar portfolio.

See how they do it >>

On the following pages are 6 STOCKS that can help you navigate a SIDEWAYS MARKET.

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