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Candlestick_Chart_2010-09-28_0949-300x247Remember a basic principle: candlestick charting techniques are a tool and not a system. For example, one must view a candlestick pattern within the context of the surrounding technical picture. Without doing so would be, as the Japanese proverbs says, “Like leaning a ladder against the clouds”

With candle charts, one can use candle charting techniques, or Western techniques, or a combination of both. This union of Eastern and Western techniques provides traders with uniquely effective tools to help enhance profits and decrease market risk exposure.

Turn Simple “Power” Patterns You Can Easily Master to Profit in Any Market

In this special training presentation you will learn Two Simple Candlestick Patterns you can master to quickly and easily turn your trading around, especially if you’ve ever:

 * Watched a winning trade turn into a losing trade

* Jumped into a trade, only to see it turn against you.

* Sold out of a trade, only to watch it FINALLY go up!

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There have recently been books, articles, and seminars from so-called “candlestick experts” who make no reference to where they found their information about candlesticks. Even more worrying for you as a trader is that they are making up their own candlestick signals without any historical basis.

Conversely, all of the candlestick patterns and signals I’ve follow have been confirmed by more than one Japanese source (Japanese traders, Japanese books, etc.). From my vast array of candlestick resources, there is absolutely no mention of many of these “new” patterns I see tossed around by other writers and speakers.

Here are 7 candlestick patterns every trader should know.
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