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Buy These 2 Winners While Goldilocks Reigns SupremeHere are two stocks you need to buy now for a market that’s “just right.”

On Friday, we received the highly anticipated July employment report.

The government said the U.S. economy created 255,000 net new nonfarm payroll jobs during the month, well above expectations for job growth of just 185,000.

The July jobs print was largely regarded as what’s known as a “Goldilocks” number.

That’s because job growth during the month wasn’t “too hot,” i.e., it will not materially increase the chances of a September rate hike by the Fed.

At the same time, the jobs report was not “too cold,” i.e., it won’t inflame worries that the economy is grinding to a halt.

This report was “just right,” and that means the easy money will keep pouring into Wall Street from the Fed, even as the economy and the labor market continue to improve.

It’s bullish conditions like these that pushed the S&P 500 to an all-time high on Friday.

In fact, the seemingly relentless push higher by this market means there are a host of stocks trading at or near their new highs as well, and two such stocks will be on my new list of Next Week’s Winners on Monday.

Here’s a sneak peek at each of these two stocks to own for this Goldilocks market.

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