It’s How to Gain More Green on St. Patrick’s Day (and Beyond)St. Patrick’s Day, a perfect day for investors to gain more green…

Let’s go straight to the source: Ireland.

The Company

Ireland’s biggest company is actually American. Like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) has headquarters in Dublin. However, you’ll find Medtronic’s operational headquarters in Minnesota.

The medical device manufacturer got its start by making pacemakers, and now makes a wide variety of equipment for hospitals.

How to Gain More Green on St. Patrick’s Day (and Beyond)Medtronic has gobbled up dozens of companies over the last several years and its market cap has grown considerably.

Its stock chart, however, looks like a hockey stick. Over the last five years, MDT’s price has risen by more than 150 percent, with some dips here and there. Overall, it’s considered an excellent value.

Going forward, however, as the population gets older, many expect Medtronic to only grow, like a clover patch in the spring.

The Exchange

How to Gain More Green on St. Patrick’s Day (and Beyond)The Irish Stock Exchange (ISE) may not be the largest, but it’s seeing several IPOs, and 2015 was its biggest year ever.

And if you thought Apple was the biggest company in Ireland, think again: the ISE is the place to be.

Of course many countries have stock exchanges, and so does Ireland. It’s not huge, but it is growing. A lot.

Last year alone, the ISE saw 5.5 million equity trades. That’s nothing when you consider that the NASDAQ sees 2 billion trades a day. But, the exchange is attracting real money.

For example, Malin Corp PLC, an Irish life sciences firm, had its IPO on the exchange in 2015 and raised €330 million.

The great recession didn’t spare Ireland. The lowest the exchange saw was 2,093 points. Today, however, it has risen to more than 6,300 points, and is projected to hit 8,000 by the end of the year.

There are a number of ETFs that track stocks on the ISE, such as the WisdomTree ISEQ20 that tracks the 20 largest Irish companies on the exchange. Since the great recession, the fund has nearly tripled in value.

How to Gain More Green on St. Patrick’s Day (and Beyond)The Whiskey

Now, let’s move on to the true order of the day: Irish whiskey.

Most adults who imbibe have a favorite Irish whiskey. A good way to get into an argument in a pub is to proclaim your love of Bushmills. Or Jameson. Especially in the wrong pub.

Jameson is owned by Pernod Ricard, the same folks who make Ballantine’s, Pernod liquor, and The Glenlivet. It trades on the Paris exchange as PERP.PA.

But, like many luxury brands, the company has lost some of its luster. Analysts are saying it’s now a sell, as the booze market seems to be flooded with newer spirits.

Bushmills, however, is owned by Diageo PLC (NYSE:DEO). Its stock has, for the most part, leveled off—except in the last few weeks. It’s up six percent for the month, so far.

The company’s management is reporting year-over-year gains, with analysts mostly saying it’s a buy, even if it’s overweight.

So, for investors, the favorite Irish whiskey (today, at least) is Bushmills.

Cheers to your investing success. Erin go Bragh!

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