Iran Nuclear DealA preliminary agreement between the world’s leading powers and Iran has been reached. Sharp investors can play it to their advantage right now.

Investment winners: companies first in when sanctions are lifted. That means oil field services, refinery and pipeline construction outfits. The pick of the litter is Halliburton (NYSE: HAL; I own shares).

Yes, the Iranians may be circumspect of doing business with a company formerly run by the man who blew up their next-door neighbor, but HAL, assuming it gets work in the country, will be working for other contractors.

Should HAL be shut out of work in favor of outfits like Schlumberger (NYSE: SLB), they will pick up business that Schlumberger doesn’t have the capacity to handle.

In short, Halliburton wins if it wins and wins if it loses.

The stock has been hit hard by the decline in oil prices as traders move the stock around with the price of oil.

Halliburton is the best oil field services company in the world when it comes to getting more from existing fields and known geology. That is where oil extraction companies turn when prices plummet and they forego capital-intensive and risky new exploration and field development in harsh environments and deep water.

The company’s acquisition of Baker Hughes (NYSE: BHI) is pending regulatory approval that should be forthcoming; this reinforces the company’s expertise in getting older fields to produce more.

Considering HAL? Think of it this way: Do you really think the world will use less oil next year, or the year after, and Iran won’t spend money to get back in the market in a big way?

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