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  • Clinton v. Trump: Who Will Save Social Security?As of now, you can expect a 25% Social Security benefit cut in 2034.
  • Our new presidential could change that. Where do Trump and Clinton stand on the issue? 
  • You need to know where each candidate stands on Social Security, and what it means for your retirement income.

In the face of looming Social Security cuts, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are some easy options…

Where do Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on Social Security reform?

Don’t know the answer to this important question? You’re not alone.

There’s a stark reality here: In order to guarantee solvency, reform is desperately.

If no changes take place, all retirees will experience a 25% cut in benefits by 2034 according to the 2016 Social Security and Medicare Trustees report.

To gain some clarity on this critical issue, AARP asked both candidates to state how they will protect and preserve the future of the Social Security trust fund—in 600 words, or less.

Which candidate has the better plan to bolster Social Security? More importantly, what can you do now to bolster your retirements? Let’s take a look.

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