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  • Nexit: 3 Countries to Leave the EU NextNo looking back now; United Kingdom set to leave the European Union
  • Despite a rocky few days, post-Brexit markets are back on course
  • Other countries could follow the U.K. Keep these names on your radar and plan ahead now with these strategies

The post-Brexit market tumble is three weeks behind us, but that’s no reason for investors to rest on their laurels.

Who’s next in line to leave the EU—and what can you do to protect your investment dollars?

The immediate reaction to the Brexit vote from the worldwide markets (after picking themselves up off the floor) was to sell, sell, sell. Markets came crashing down all around, with all the major U.S. indexes suffering over a two-day span.

However, the markets didn’t actually follow through on the dive. In fact, both here and abroad, a recovery is more the norm. And after the initial heartburn of regret eased, even England is seeing positive signs and movement.

This chart from ValueWalk shows where markets started out on this route and where they ended the month:

Brexit Graph

Source: ValueWalk

The story is even better today, as stocks have rallied further into the first weeks of July.

All of which must beg the question: Now that the U.K. has set a precedent that other countries could follow, which European countries could be the next to leave the EU? After all, if Britain can successfully hang in and make it, others could give it a go.

Here are 3 countries to watch for “Nexit,” and how you can shield your money now…

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