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President Hillary Will Crush These 6 Stocks. Sell Now! If you own stocks, the Democrats are not your friends. Dump these names now, before the votes are counted in November… they’re just not worth the risk

The potential value destruction under a Hillary Clinton administration is ginormous. Reasonably, the odds of a 25% or more decline in the market are around 50%.

The risk/reward dynamic for equities has been turned on its head. There’s minimal reward and maximum risk.

And dont be fooled by the recent rally. The gains in stocks is the result of a calculated move by the Federal Reserve to guarantee Clinton is elected. 

Do you really think Janet Yellen has any interest in a Trump presidency? No way!

If the Republicans are elected, we’ll see serious changes at the central bank. Independence could be jeopardized dramatically, impacting how the Federal Reserve conducts policy… if it even continues to have a role.

As the election grows closer, Yellen and team will do everything possible to make sure the economy is strong and markets are stable. They won’t rock the boat with changes in rate hike language or action.

Risk-on has the all-clear until Lucy pulls away the football. Good grief. 

Once the inauguration takes place, expect the Fed to move aggressively on interest rates. That alone will put certain stocks at risk for a serious decline.

Other stocks will fall on Clinton policy alone. All told, it could be an epic bloodbath.

Get ahead now. Here are 6 stocks to sell before President Hillary steps one foot in the White House…

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