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Shares of McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) are toast. No, I’m not talking French toast; that’s not even on the menu. Hotcakes, yes, but let’s move on.McDonalds_2-300x220

I’m talking about a stock that is not only stuck in the mud, but likely to lose value over the next several years as it struggles to grow its business.

Many factors are conspiring against the burger chain that will make it nearly impossible to reverse the tide.

Recently, the company launched an aggressive advertising campaign highlighting the company’s role in the communities it serves. It grabbed attention, but did little to increase sales. To top it off, it was a dreaded nostalgia campaign—probably the worst thing that can happen to a business.

Oh, look at the vintage McDonald’s sign! Quaint times! I was crazy about those fries… but that was a long time ago.

Then the moment passes and we head to Chipotle Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG).

Unless you’re 4 years old, McDonald’s isn’t where you really want to eat. If you’re on a very tight budget or without another rest stop for 150 miles, sometimes McFood just has to do.

That leaves overseas expansion for McDonald’s. Like cigarettes, perhaps they can fool the rest of the world in the short-term, but is that really a business you want to own?

Short of a complete reboot of the business, McDonald’s faces the herculean task of changing its fortunes in the future.

Here are 3 reasons why McDonald’s is McToast:

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