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Finally, the bond market collapse has begun. Time to wisely kick a few stocks out of your portfolio.falling-stocks-380x285-300x225

While the uninformed focus on equity markets potentially being a bubble, the most obvious bubble in the market is on the cusp of a free fall of epic proportion.

The fixed income market is normally a place of stoic safety—the purview of those looking to avoid risk.

Is it really possible that allegedly safe Treasury securities could lose significant value?

You bet they can—and they will.

Correction: they are. As we’ve seen over the last two months, yields are going up.

While it’s the market’s worst-kept secret, many investors will still lose big money watching their fixed income investments evaporate. You don’t have to be one of them.

You do, however, need to see the writing on the wall and be willing to take action to protect your capital during what will likely be a long period of rising interest rates.

It’s not just bonds; other cash flow related securities like dividend stocks will suffer, as well. Dividend stocks were the one safe haven during the crisis-level low interest rate phase now ending. The search for yield resulted in shares being bid up to unsustainable levels. Now with rates on their way up, dividend stocks are on their way down.

Get out while you can, with most dividend stocks trading at peak value.

Here are 3 dividend stocks to sell now:

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