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Three 5-Star Food Stocks to Own NowInvestors, chew on this: The food sector is trillions of dollars huge—but does that make it an obvious investment choice?

If there’s anything to agree on this election season, it’s that Americans love to eat—specifically, they love to eat fast food (now quick service) and at casual-dining establishments.

Options are abundant and nearly everywhere. Mexican, Italian, Chinese, burgers, organic tofu loaf—you can almost always find it, usually close to your home or office.

Just consider these figures from

  • 66 million people ate out at a casual dining or quick service restaurant in spring of 2015
  • 28% visit a quick-service restaurant at least once per week
  • 34% visit a casual dining restaurant at least once per week
  • U.S. restaurant food and drink sales clocked in at $783 billion in 2015

So, yeah, food is a big industry, growing both in sheer dollars and in the choices available to consumers. Dining choices are wide and varied, much like stock-market opportunities.

Let’s focus on both: Here are three 5-star food stocks to add to your portfolio.

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