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2 Takeoff Stocks to Own Next WeekTwo Takeoff Stocks to Own Next Week

Let’s get right down to business and make some serious money in 2016…

The young bird that is 2016 is just about to take flight, and so too is my Next Week’s Winners (NWW) advisory service.

At the heart of this idea-generating trading service is the ability to identify stocks with the greatest potential to outperform the market over the next one week, one month—and even one year.

How do I do this?

I start by identifying the stocks that have already demonstrated they’ve actually done this in the recent past.

A proven track record of outstanding relative price performance is at the heart of my methodology, but it doesn’t stop there.

2 Takeoff Stocks to Own Next WeekWhen selecting stocks, I’m looking for backbone fundamental strength in the form of strong relative earnings per share growth; a bullish chart pattern, and favorable factors such as positive news flow, solid market leadership and an attractive story that draws in the big trading capital.

Next week, I’ll recommend two new stocks with the potential to deliver double-digit percentage gains over the next several weeks.

What are they? Check out these clues…

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