How is your NCAA bracket holding up? Who will be victorious when the madness ends?

While of course we’re eager to learn which basketball team will triumph, what we really want to know is which one of the major players sponsoring the NCAA’s biggest basketball tournament will be this year’s Cinderella story.

Will it be AT&T, Capital One or Coca-Cola?

Take a look and place your bets…

Which March Madness Sponsor Will Triumph? AT&T (NYSE:T)

Here we have one of the great bellwether stocks. It has also been on a buying spree lately, gobbling up a host of companies that seem to be helping its bottom line.

Indeed, today it’s trading at levels never before seen by the telecom giant.

Now, analysts are saying that its growth makes it a good buy as it begins to rule the telecom world again. It’s also boosting sales, with revenue up 14 percent this year.

Get in before the whistle blows on this blue chip that 24/7 Wall St. recently rated a “buy and hold forever” stock for its strong performance and 5 cent dividend.

Which March Madness Sponsor Will Triumph? Capital One Financial Corp (NYSE:COF)

Maybe Capital One is in a rebuilding year, as coaches say.

The stock has dropped 17 percent since July 2015.

Some analysts are saying all bank stocks are in the dumps. Could be. But default rates are rising and commodity and energy pressures are hitting banks hard, and not just Capital One.

Overall, the entire banking sector is acting more like the bench warmers than the starters this March.

Which March Madness Sponsor Will Triumph? Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO)

The company has been on a long run. Its stock has seen about a seven-year rise, completely bucking every trend and even growing during the great recession.

Earlier this month, the mega-cap stock reached an all-time high. That’s no small feat. Some expect 20 percent returns in the next 12 months.

Though its stock is trading at about $45 today, RBC, for one, set its price target at $51.

Coke is a powerhouse team, and one that will be hard to beat in the March Madness competition. Some even say that its CEO, Muhtar Kent, could have his jersey hanging from the rafters when he retires.

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