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sell NFL stocks 2016According to several sources, ratings are dropping for NFL games; fans just aren’t tuning into games like they have in previous seasons… Will stocks exposed to the league be next to fall?

Football fans can scratch off their Sundays thanks to another long day with the National Football League…

Does it matter? It does. The NFL, the richest professional league in the country, is suddenly in an unusual position: people just aren’t watching as many games this season. And that leads to an even bigger concern… Will stocks take a hit if the league sees the trend continue?

The evidence is undeniable. According to Sports Illustrated’s Monday Morning Quarterback (MMQB), Monday Night Football is down 19% from last year, Sunday Night Football is down 19% and Thursday Night is down 18%.

Still not convinced? Have a look courtesy of Bloomberg:

sell NFL stocks 2016

There are a number of reasons given by the league and its minions (not to mention fans), including too many games in any given week, lousy matches and a lousy product. Add in the proliferation of fantasy football players who care only about “points” and not the games themselves, plus—at least for this year—the presidential election sucking the air out of everything in its wake.

What’s been good for headlines isn’t so good for investors in these stocks that have a HUGE stake in pro football.

Keep your investor eye on these 5 football stocks…

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