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Sell-300x199When it comes to investing in the stock market to build a retirement portfolio or to generate income from “well-earned” capital, the financial world has changed dramatically in the last 5 years.

For most investors, preserving capital is priority. However, the first thing to do is not to lose capital.

And when it comes to preserving capital a key is to avoid lousy companies and lousy stocks. Call them “Old Normal” stocks – they are either dead in the water or in the process of drowning.

There are stocks covered here that represent some of the most widely owned stocks by U.S. and international investors.

And there are stocks that have been “the darlings” of Wall Street and the financial media for years, but most of them have become irrelevant in the “New Normal” stock market.

These are stocks you should avoid to preserve “your capital.”

And, if you own any of the following, in my view, these are the names to move out of to generate cash to prevent getting killed in the long term.

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Now is the time to sell any of these 12 Stocks.


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