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Japanese-Candle-Stick-Trader-iStock_000011858426XSmallWant to see the market better? Try candlestick charts.

As traders, we’re all looking for a way to “see” the market a little bit clearer. Well to that I say, why not light a candle?

I’m referring here to candlestick charts. What are candlesticks? Well, they are a tool of technical analysis that you can use to help sort out the psychology influencing the price action of stocks, futures and FOREX markets. What do candlesticks offer that typical high-low bar charts do not? As far as the actual data displayed is concerned, nothing. Just like bar charts, candlestick charts display the open, high, low and close for a given security. However, when it comes to visual recognition of data, and the ability to see data relationships and investor sentiment over time, candlestick charts are far superior to traditional bar charts.

Turn Simple “Power” Patterns You Can Easily Master to Profit in Any Market

In this special Strategy Video you will learn Two Simple Candlestick Patterns you can master quickly and easily to turn your trading around, especially if you ever:

  • Watched a winning trade turn into a losing trade.
  • Jumped into a trade, only to see it turn against you.
  • Sold out of a trade, only to watch it FINALLY go up!

Get All the Details Here

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