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Money-Roll-iStock_000011900131XSmall-300x200The thrill of the earnings trade cannot be denied.

While the rest of the market twists in the wind never knowing where the market will go next, traders sit poised to bounce on companies reporting earnings for fast and furious gains.

Using option contracts, you can maximize your opportunity for fast profits. During the first day of trading after news is released, these contracts can double in value or more.

When you hit that winning trade, the adrenaline rush is euphoric. The best part is that the rush never ends as the parade of companies reporting results is virtually nonstop each and every quarter.

This quarter we have seen a number of companies trade with fantastical price swings after an earnings report. Stocks like Chipotle, Zynga, and Coach have all moved sharply on earnings news. The option contracts in each jumped as well.

When I peruse the market for earnings trading opportunities, I’m looking for big scores. Call it elephant hunting and when the elephant arrives, there really is no better feeling.

Where will the elephants come from next week?

A broad cross section of companies will be reporting results. For a full roster of my favorite targets make sure you sign up for my Earnings Player Tip Sheet.

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On the following pages are 5 possible earnings busting option trades that could double in value next week:

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