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Facebook_DownThe truth hurts and when in the form of poor earnings news can lead to a complete collapse in share price.

On Thursday we saw social gaming site Zynga lose nearly 40% of shareholder value in one trading day after releasing disappointing operating results. Trading in sympathy, shares of social network behemoth, Facebook lost nearly 10%.

And that was before the company reported its own reports that failed to excite investors. Instead it was quite the opposite and more losses for the newly minted publicly traded company.

Oops, there goes another 10% of value. Are you kidding me?

As an earnings player, I am absolutely thrilled by the action. The wild swings in share price of a company reporting results can generate massive trading profits for Earnings Players.

Own put or call options on these big movers and triple digit gains can be had and had very quickly as in one day of trading or less. Of course get the option buy wrong and you can lose big too.

As such if you are going to play the earnings trading game, you need to have a plan of attack that puts you on the right side of the trade. Part of that plan includes following trends.

In the week prior to last we saw a double digit share price move in shares of Chipotle Mexican Grill. That set the stage for what was wonderful trade in Buffalo Wild Wings. That company reported results last week with a mirror image result to what transpired in Chipotle.

Now with Zynga and Facebook dropping like a rock what companies reporting next week face a similar fate?

As it turns out there are several newly mined IPO companies reporting results. I’m starting my search for Earnings Player trading opportunities there.

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On the following pages are the 5 earnings reports I would look closely at:

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